“Over the years, I have witnessed live performances
by many of show business’ top comedians

and read the words of a great many excellent writers.
Never have the two abilities been combined
as well as they are in the case of McAvoy Layne.” 

-Reno public relations legend, Harry Spencer

Jackass Hill

He might be the most conceited ass in the territory, but at 181 he can golf his age…

Rick Gunn Photo

“McAvoy Layne is the second best impressionist of Mark Twain in the world.”
-Mama Layne

“McAvoy is an ambassador of the arts wherever he performs.”
-Judith Clark, Director, Nevada State Council on the Arts

With over 4,000 performances spanning 30 years of full-time experience, McAvoy will tailor a show to embrace your special interests, whether they be golf, business, or anything in-between.  From touching wedding toasts to hilarious roasts, to 90 minute theater performances, McAvoy will work within your time constraints without bursting your budget.


Enjoy a Casual Winter Conversation

With The Ghost of Mark Twain (McAvoy Layne)

With Your Party of 4-6 at Twain-Layne Haven

(Mark Twain’s Tahoe Home)

Bring a Beverage of Choice on the Evening of Your Choice

The Trouble Begins at Seven With a Tour of the Gallery

All For a Modest Donation of $75 a Nose

(as suggested & approved by previous guests)

Testimonial – Crum Party of Six:  “We had an absolutely amazing evening,

an evening spent in McAvoy’s own home surrounded by incredible historical Twain treasures.  

Anyone looking for a unique evening of entertainment should definitely consider his charming venue.”

For Information & Arrangements or 775-833-1835 

(Rather populate a location of your choice?

We can do that too!)




An evening of wine, wisdom, Hors d’oeuvres

And history (where facts are not essential)

Twain (McAvoy Layne)

And Snowshoe (Mike Trute)

Regale their hilarious mostly true adventures

and misadventures of early Nevada

Saturday evening, April 7th  

The Trouble Begins at Seven

1200 Tunnel Creek Road, Incline Village 89451

On Ponderosa Ranch Above Tunnel Creek Café

Park at Tunnel Creek Café at 6pm

(Free Shuttle from Tunnel Creek Station)

Tickets $45 available at IV & CB Visitors Bureau

800-Go-Tahoe (468-2463)



APRIL 28 10AM-10PM


Scofield’s Annual Cowboy Campfire, Red Mule Ranch, Fiddletown, CA

8-18-18 – With Jerry Bell!


 Life on the Mississippi

Paddlewheeler Cruise with McAvoy Layne

The Ghost of Twain

November 9-17, 2018

Celebrate Mark Twain’s 183d Birthday
With the ‘Ghost of Mark Twain’
30 Year Impressionist McAvoy Layne.
Enjoy private Gatherings of our group with McAvoy as he tells delightful tales of Life on the Mississippi.
Visit historical sights along the river such as the Civil War Battlefield at Vicksburg and Natchez with it’s lovely historic homes.
Cruise on the new America Paddlewheeler for a journey from New Orleans to Memphis with a Pre-cruise night in New Orleans.

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Twain-Shiloh NV150

“Home Means Nevada”
An up-beat, humorous story of Nevada
As told by Mark Twain (McAvoy Layne)
With music from Shiloh, (Julie Machado & Tim Gorelangton)
Music that gives wings to Nevada’s story


McAvoy & Shiloh have recorded a spoken word song
“Citizens of the World”
that they intend to have translated 
into 200 languages…


Tahoe Epedition Academy 2015

McAvoy is working on a distance learning platform for living history in the classroom,
an innovative approach to be launched in 2018.
Click on Chautauqua-Central above for a sneak preview…


$15 Free Shipping


Coming in 2018
The book that reveals the relevance of Mark Twain today
The Secret Lives of Pine Nuts