Governor Sandoval, Ben Rupert and McAvoy Layne at Cave Rock

“McAvoy is an ambassador of the arts wherever he performs.”
-Judith Clark, Director, Nevada State Council on the Arts

Jackass Hill

He might be the most conceited ass in the territory, but at 180 he can golf his age…

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McAvoy Layne is the second best impressionist of Mark Twain in the world
See “What Might Mark Twain Say”
for Mark Twain relevance today

With over 4,000 performances spanning 28 years of full-time experience, McAvoy will tailor a show to embrace your special interests, whether they be golf, business, or anything in-between.  From touching wedding toasts to hilarious roasts, to 90 minute theater performances, McAvoy will work within your time constraints without bursting your budget


April 29 & 30
1:30 Town Hall

Genoa Cowboy Festival

The First Never-Sweat




Monday, May 2 – Mark’s Garage, Honolulu

Tuesday, May 3 – Kauai Community College Performing Arts Center

Wednesday, May 4 – Kilauea Military Camp’s Kilauea Theater

Thursday, May 5 – Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Satire Meets Attitude
McCoy Studio Theater -7:30pm – Tickets: $25, $35

To celebrate the sesquicentennial of Mark Twain’s 1866 visit to Hawaii, Maui’s own Kathy Collins and Nevada’s McAvoy Layne will present “Twain Meets Tita” in a May barnstorming tour of the Sandwich Islands.  This powerful show could well be subtitled, “Satire Meets Attitude.”

Employing wit, wisdom and humor, the Island Tita of 2016 will attempt to drag the Wild Humorist of the Pacific Slope into the 21st century.  Where Twain’s price of land on Maui was as little as one dollar an acre, Tita insists that dollar today will get you “not even one bag sand.”

In honor of Mother’s Day, as an added attraction at no extra cost, Kathy and McAvoy will read from “The Diaries of Adam & Eve,” in period dress (Twain’s period, not Adam’s).  Bring your hankie.

McAvoy Layne has portrayed Mark Twain for the past 28 years, in over 4000 performances from Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City to Leningrad University in Russia.  He is the ghost of Samuel Clemens in The Discovery Channel’s Cronkite Award-winning documentary, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and has received numerous awards for his portrayals, including the Nevada Award for Excellence in School and Library Service.

Kathy Collins began performing on stage at the age of 13 and started her broadcast career at 17.  Raised on Maui, she often calls on her pidgin-speaking alter ego, “Tita,” during her weekly storytelling sessions at Makena Resort and frequent appearances at schools and libraries.  Collins and Tita have performed at festivals across the U.S. and Canada, including the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Project in New York City.

Reunited 40 years after their Maui radio days, Layne and Collins sparkle with comic chemistry, tickling your fancy and touching your heart.

Kathy Collins  808-283-7845

McAvoy Layne   775-833-1835

Twain Meets Tita Photo

LettersKathy Collins



5-14-16 – 4pm

Fundraiser for the South Yuba River State Park, CA

Program:  California Adventures

of the Wild Humorist of the Pacific Slope

(530) 432-2546





The Story Tellers

McAvoy Layne – 28 year impressionist of Mark Twain

Will hold forth at your dining room table

To answer questions your party might have on any subject

He is also willing to share the secrets of his longevity (180 years)

And some etiquette on getting into heaven

(Don’t try to take a selfie with St. Peter)

There is a modest honorarium for this private audience

A small pittance For the amount of wit & wisdom you will assimilate

775-833-1835 –


Twain-Shiloh NV150

“Home Means Nevada”
An up-beat, humorous story of Nevada
As told by Mark Twain (McAvoy Layne)
With music from Shiloh, (Julie Machado & Tim Gorelangton)
Music that gives wings to Nevada’s story


McAvoy & Shiloh have recorded a spoken word song
“Citizens of the World”
that they intend to have translated 
into 200 languages…


Tahoe Epedition Academy 2015

McAvoy is working on a distance learning platform for living history in the classroom,
an innovative approach to be launched in 2016.
Click on Chautauqua-Central above for a sneak preview…


McAvoy is finishing an audiobook, One Life is Not Enough