Ghost of Twain

Ghost of Twain

Ghost of TwainGhost of TwainGhost of Twain



“Over the years, I have witnessed live performances  by many of show business’ top comedians  and read the words of a great many excellent writers.  Never have the two abilities been combined  as well as they are in the case of McAvoy Layne.”  -Reno public relations legend, Harry Spencer

“The voice of McAvoy Layne as Mark Twain is a song that will play in your head long after you see his performance.  Literacy is a cause McAvoy has a great passion to promote. McAvoy is a generous and giving person, always reaching a hand out to help non-profit organizations help the less fortunate.  McAvoy Layne, Samuel Clemens, and Mark Twain: different names for the same endearing character.”–Lynn Ossolinski, President of the Nevada Library Association



  Enjoy a Casual Conversation with 30 Year Twain Impressionist  McAvoy Layne With Your Party of 2-6 at Layne-Twain Haven (McAvoy’s Tahoe Home).   Bring a Beverage of Choice on an Evening of Your Choice.  "I DRANK WITH THE GHOST OF MARK TWAIN" Glasses are Yours to Take Home. The Trouble Begins at Seven (Hour Adjustable) with a Tour of the Twain Gallery, All For a Modest Donation of $75 per Person, as Suggested & Approved by More Than A Hundred Gratified Guests...

Testimonial from Ryan – Party of five...

“Charming and intimate, this experience is a unique look into the life and works of Mark Twain guided by a warm and passionate scholar.”